There’s plenty of space for activities of all types in our intercultural garden “Sonneneck,” including the cultivation of vegetables, fruit, and flowers. It’s a perfect spot for children to play hide and seek and explore the natural environment. For adults, there’s always enough garden work to go around as well as time to relax. Naturally, the garden also hosts parties and get-togethers.

In Summer and Fall 2016 a lot was accomplished. The Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation enabled the construction of a new garden fence, a new restroom, a play area, a wooden teepee, and the renovation of the garden house through generous funding. Garden construction projects were completed in cooperation with MÖWE gGmbH.

A very special and heartfelt thank you to the Bohnenkamp Foundation for fostering the growth of our garden. We are exceptionally pleased to have MÖWE gGmbH as a reliable partner to turn our needs and wishes for the garden into a reality.




Our family activities offer not only an opportunity for intercultural exchange but also exchange between generations. And our garden is the perfect place for children and adults alike to experience nature.


Experience Nature!

Observing nature: How do weeds and flowers grow?

Art in Nature: Crafts with materials found in nature

Mud sticks: So what?

April – June 2017 in the Garden

Meetings: Fridays from 15:oo-17:00

Create Art!

We are painting a sail together as the colorful highlight of our garden. The sail with then be used as an eye-catching sun shield.

April – June 2017 in the Garden

Meetings: Fridays from 15:oo-17:00


Grow Things!

Environmentally conscious cultivation:

Learn about and help with the design and planning of vegetable, fruit, and flower beds.

Focus: Herbs in the Garden

Species, Uses, Effects, Applications, Cultivation, Care, and Harvest

The creation and care of an herb garden.

March – June 2017 in the Garden

Meetings: Fridays from 16:00– 18:00 and by appointment


We are looking for anyone interested in garden work!

Those with a love for nature, with previous experience growing vegetables and herbs, or just an interest in learning something new and useful are encouraged to join our gardening group.

Cooperation: LEB in Nds.e.V., Haus der Jugend

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