As every year, we are really looking forward to the new gardening season.

In our intercultural garden "Sonneneck" there is enough space for all kinds of activities and also for vegetables, bushes, fruit and flowers. Children can play, romp, hide and explore nature freely here. In addition to gardening, adults also have time to relax and celebrate.

In this program we offer educational and family policy projects on various topics and various intercultural festivals for the whole family.


Are you looking for a particularly beautiful place for your child's birthday party or would you like to organize a special celebration for your family, relatives or acquaintances? Contact us.

We are happy to support you in organizing your celebration in our garden.

Dates and prices can be found in the mothers' center at Malu Piepenbrink.


You love nature and maybe you already have experience with growing vegetables and herbs or just want to learn something new and useful? Are you looking for intercultural exchange with other families? Then you are very welcome.

We would be delighted if you would like to take an active part and belong.


garden group*

Family education in the intercultural garden Sonneneck

The garden group deals with the design of the intercultural garden as a meeting place for families and all interested parties from all nations. Under supervision, garden products are harvested and processed for personal use. There is also room for an exchange about the living situation, upbringing and special challenges of everyday life. Assistance helps to solve problems and stabilize families.

Direction: Malu Piepenbrink

Date: Saturday, by appointment only

Costs: Flat rate for food and drinks

Target group: all adults

Location: intercultural garden


Herbs can do more - vitamins from fresh ingredients*

Freshly harvested herbs from the garden are healthy and enrich our kitchen. We learn about herbs and how to use them in tasty family dishes and prepare samples together.

Direction: Malu Piepenbrink

Dates: every 1st and 4th Thursday of the month,

from 08/14/2023 to 11/23/2023, always 3.30 - 5.45 p.m

Costs: €5.00 per appointment

Target group: all adults

Location: Mothers' Center

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