Women and mothers will especially enjoy the forum our Café offers, which is intended as a space for women to use to escape isolation at home.
Our reasonable prices and open atmosphere lend themselves to arrange for group meetings or just to meet other women. Every day we offer freshly baked cake. 

On weekends, you could also arrange to come with a group for breakfast- just inquire about your event and get in touch with us over email or telephone. If you’re interested in throwing a party, the Mütterzentrum is the right place. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, baptism, or other occasion to celebrate: speak to us about your party and we’ll guarantee fresh quality and the best service.

Our Café is open:
Tuesday - Thursday 
15:00 – 18:00
Based on your needs, the employees at the Mütterzentrum will gladly make themselves available to assist you. 


Qulaified Daycare- closed group
according to §§ 22 bis 24 SGB VIII in the Commission of Family and Childservices Office of the City of Osnabrück (SGB=Sozialgesetzbuch):
Monday – Friday 8:00 – 15:00
In a culturally diverse group, there are currently 5 children being cared for until 15:00.

With the goal of seeing the children integrate from the crib to Kindergarten, children primarily under the age of three are in the care of a qualified daycare provider who is originally comes from Brazil and speaks five languages.



… for all circumstances: public Childcae
Tuesday – Thursday 15:00 -18:00
Following registration, we offer hourly public childcare for children whose parents need to go shopping, attend a meeting or course within Haus der Jugend. Please inquire about childcare two days in advance.
Cost: 5 € per child/per hour


Tuesday - Thursday 15:00 - 18:00
Clothing for women and children, as well as jewelry and books can be found in our center.

Books ranging from children’s books to academic literature are available at reasonable prices or to read and enjoy during your time in the Cafe. Feel free to browse at your leisure. If you’d like to donate gently used books or clothes please let us know.

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